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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can i pay via bank transfer apart from Paypal?
    Yes ,there's a second option upon check out where you mcan coordinate with us and we will send you bank details. Once you've transferred your payment, kindly send a picture as proof of payment and we will then confirm your order.
  • Do you deliver or ship outside of Metro Manila?
    Currently, we only allow people to pick it up or have it picked up by their choice of pick up service but we are working on partnering with a courier company for shipping outside of Metro Manila, especially for the other regions of the country.
  • Do you ship outside of the Philippines?
    Currently, even shipping within the Philippines is non-existent but we will also look into this. To ship 1pc of vinyl outside of the country is somewhat expensive from what we've experienced and that's why we have not really focused on it nor encouraged and unless you, the buyer is ok to coordinate with us and agree to pay what would often be even higher than the record itself, then we will ship.
  • what are your store hours?
    Before the pandemic, it was Tuesday to Sunday 1-7pm but currently and probably until end of June, just Saturdays from 1-6pm for people to pick up or have their records picked up .People can browse through the records at the shop as well provided they will wear a mask. No Mask, No Entry. Also, keeping some distance between us and customers inside the shop.
  • Do you need to be a member to purchase?
    Technically, yes and before the pandemic, when you go to the shop, you need to sign a waiver and pay a small annual fee of P300. ***However, for online, we've decided to waive it as to not complicate things and confuse people prior to purchasing. We still would recommend being a member if you can visit the shop as members have perks like discounts in shows that we produce and on certain records as well as exclusives .
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