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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Currently, it's still pick up at the shop or have it picked  by your choice of delivery service and coordinating with us. Remember, we are not really open yet and we are just having Saturdays as "pick up day" or for you to browse at the shop from 1-6 pm.  

***We are sorting out shipping options for the future and with a specific courier service and when that's finalized you will see a policy regarding this.

Return & Exchange Policy

We have a policy of No Return, No Exchange with the exception of a genuine factory or pressing defect like being too warped and unplayable or just skipping all over the place for NEW records, sealed and unsealed then you would need to return it within 24 hours from purchase for us to check the record.

For USED records we will update policy once we include used records on this site as at the present time, you can only purchase used ones at the brick and mortar version.

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